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2/8/24 - Be The Weirdo Who Dares To Enjoy

  2/8/24 - Be The Weirdo Who Dares To Enjoy       Holy damn, my creative juices have been flowing as of late! It would be an understatement to say I've been feeling inspired lately. I've been pulling inspiration back-to-back in all the most eclectic spaces! Starting out I managed to stumble upon a magnificent Etsy creatress who designs some of the most eye-catching wares I've ever seen. I'm talking a handcrafted boutique of splendid superiority! The House Of Harlequin is absolutely phenomenal. Seeing her pieces inspired me to do a pair of earrings of my very own! Utilizing mixed media and a pair of black diamond shaped hoop earrings! Next up, I managed to make under-the-bed shoe storage out of cardboard, a hot glue gun, sewing bias tape and masking tape! Finally, getting my shoe boxes out of the way! Unfortunately for Vixen, this has limited her hiding space... but I think she'll get over it! Lastly, I created these beaded pens that resemble magic wands. Late la

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