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06/27/24 - Puzzled Before The Obvious, Yet Understands The Non-Existent

 06/27/24 - Puzzled Before The Obvious, Yet Understands The Non-Existent Dearest readers, as some of you may know - my website is no more! Meaning, there's no longer a place to display my testimonials! I just figured I'd slap this on my NEW and improved blog! This will be the go-to and as a matter of fact, it works out beautifully since my curio trove website is what's on my business cards. Though it's formatted differently I quite like how it's all displayed almost like a collage. Each post looks glued and taped up against the next. If you're new here and not reading from either my Youtube, Twitter, Snapchat or Instagram WELCOME! By the way, as I was writing this I just got finished with yet another hotline reading. THE MOST BIZARRE READING YET! I am going  to have to share it in my upcoming Youtube livestream! Anyways, more testimonials (and blog posts)  to come! Here's to my brand new blog!  The One, The Only Naudia Exotica

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